The ONE Thing You’re Probably Not Focused On…But Should Be

Prospect prospect prospect.  Enroll enroll enroll.  Duplicate.

Prospecting and lead generation are hot topics.  They are cool.  They are sexy.  It’s very enticing when you see an ad on Facebook that shows you how to generate leads every day.  Everyone wants to be a pro at lead generation and enrolling.

But…if you look at your current business, are the top income earners in your company also the top enrollers?  I would venture to say NO. They are very consistent and they DO enroll on a regular basis, but they aren’t “sponsor monsters.”

They are however very good at keeping people IN THE GAME.

Network marketing is a game of attrition.  He or she who wins that game wins the day.  If you sponsor 100 people this month, but 99 of them are gone after 90 days, was that the best use of your time?

Success in this business is a balance between enrolling, leadership development, and the one thing you’re probably not focused on…but should be.


That’s right.  Super sexy.  Difficult to measure.  No one really teaching anything about how to improve it.

A small % increase in retention can help your business grow at a much faster rate.

Companies are always looking for ways to increase this %.  No matter what, people are going to drop out.  It’s the nature of the industry.  It’s hard to keep everyone in forever.  You’ll have to keep filling the funnel with new prospects, but what are you doing for those who have enrolled or are your customers?

Here are 3 simple things you can do TODAY to lower the number of people who drop out, thus increasing your retention.

  1. Show them the love.  You have (or should have) a list of all of your customers and associates.  Find a creative way to keep in touch with them on a monthly basis.  It could be a phone call.  It could be a nice text.  It could be a piece of mail.  Just reach out and let them know you appreciate them and their business.  No agenda.  No sales call.  No promoting the new flavor your company just came out with.  Just appreciate them.
  2. Use your companies promotions that have been proven to drive retention numbers.  This could be a physical challenge or a service challenge.  Either way, do it yourself and teach it to your team.
  3. Make their first 30 days the best customer experience possible.  Get them started on the best program for THEM – not what’s best for you.  Identify their goals and map out a plan to achieve them.  Plan the first 30 days with them and then over deliver.

The new people who get started with you can either be your greatest ally, or your enemy.  If they don’t have a great experience and feel no appreciation – they will tell everyone.  If they DO have a great experience, feel supported and appreciated – they can become a customer for life, a referral partner, and potentially a great business partner.

Invest the time up front to make sure you get them started RIGHT.  Then, once they are in, make sure you don’t forget about them and are an expert at follow up and keeping in touch.

I’ve put together a free resource to help you with this, as I’ve had a number of top leaders ask for more details.  Click here to grab it as my gift to you.

Let’s raise each other up in this industry and show people the love!


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