6 Things You Must Do to Grow Your Business

I’m baffled by the number of people in this business who get frustrated, yet they continue to repeat the same mistakes week after week, month after month. Those mistakes are substituting busy work for productive work. If you’re a part time networker, the time you put into this business needs to be tracked so you can be as efficient as possible.

With the emergence of Facebook and other social media platforms to promote your business, the efficiency has gone down. Expectations that you can simply enroll in your MLM business, make a few posts on Facebook, and create a sizable business – are complete hogwash.

I’ll share 6 things you have to do to grow your business. These are non negotiable.

Hopefully you’re already incorporating these daily into your business. If you’re not, start immediately.

1) Add new contacts to your lists

I know this is a simple one. However, do you have an actual list somewhere that you’ve written out? Do you have good notes and contact info handy? Find ways to add 2-5 names a day to your list. This will keep your funnel full. You could meet people online, or offline, it doesn’t matter – as long as this is a daily practice.

2) Invite people to take a look

Kind of a no brainer I know. Keep reading I’ll share my magic key at the end. You can’t enroll new customers without making an initial invitation. Study different approaches, try different things. It’s up to you to get good at converting prospects to potential customers.

3) Present

Offline, online, 3rd party tool, video, event – the methods are endless. Find what resonates with you, and what will resonate with your prospect.

4) Enroll

You should be enrolling new people every week. 2-5 a week should be a goal. When you can enroll, you take so much pressure off yourself in “trying” to make someone a business builder. Make the numbers work in your favor by enrolling more.

5) Follow up

Your spouse probably didn’t marry you on your first date. Your prospect most likely won’t join on your first attempt. Get good at follow up without becoming a stalker. Add value, be professional, and when the timing is right, they will be ready.

6) 3 Way Calls

Especially when you are new, get good at introducing people to your upline or coach. Their job isn’t to sell your prospect, just to share their story and be an extra resource for you.

Okay, these are all pretty easy and I’m not sharing anything ground breaking. What I would recommend is keeping track.

Create a scorecard to see how many you are doing every day and every week. You can’t manage your business if you can’t measure it. When I’m coaching people, I’ll have them keep track of these numbers. If after a month you’ve added 120 contacts, made 70 invitations, done 30 presentations, and enrolled 8 people, those are pretty good numbers. But, if you made 70 invitations and that only converted that to 3 presentations, I know we need to work on your invitation.

Keeping track and knowing your numbers is a great way to get unstuck, and for new people to really treat this like a business. It allows your upline/coach to help you get better.

It keeps you accountable to productive activities vs. just playing on Facebook and wondering when the enrollments will come.

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